The Society of School Librarians

2010 Book Awards

Language Arts - Picture Books

Best Book

Moss. Peggy. One of Us. Tilbury House, 2010.

Honor Books

Krasnesky, Thad. That Cat Can’t Stay. Flashlight Press,2010.

Thong, Rosanne. Fly Free. Boyds Mills Press, 2010.

Pinkney, Jerry. The Lion & the Mouse. Little, Brown and Company, 2009.

Brission, Pat. Sometimes We Were Brave. Boyds  Mills Press, 2010.

Ketterman, Helen.  Swamp Song. Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

Shreeve, Elizabeth. Oliver at the Window. Front Street Books/Boyds Mills Press, 2009.

Button- Lana. Willow's Whispers. Kids Can Press. 2010.

Oelschalager, Vanita. Postcards from a War. Vanita Books, 2009.

Holmes, Mary. A Giraffe Goes to Paris. Marshall Cavendish,2010.

Language Arts - Grades K-6 Novels

Best Book

Starke, Ruth.  Noodle Pie. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, EDC Publishing 2010.

Honor Books

Schroder, Monika. The Dog in the Wood. Front Street Books/Boyds Mills Press, 2009.

Rhodes, Jewell. Ninth Ward. Little, Brown and Company,2010.

Little, Jean. Dancing Through the Snow. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, EDC Publishing, 2009.

Dellasega, Cheryl. sistrsic92 (Meg). Marshall Cavendish, 2009.

Flood, Nancy Bo. Warriors in the Crossfire. Front Street Books/Boyds Mills, 2009

Banks, Sara. The Everlasting Now. Peachtree Publisher, 2010.

Cook, Kacy. Nuts. Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

Fergus, Maureen Qrtega. Kids Can Press, 2010.

Gordon, Amy. Twenty Gold Falcons. Holiday House. 2010.

De La Croix, Alice. The Best Home Ever. Holiday House, 20i0.

Language Arts - Grades 7-12 Novels

Best Book

Lowell, Pamela. Spotting  for Nellie. Marshall Cavendish. 2010.

Honor Books

Adler, Emily and Echevarria, A1ex. Sweet 15. Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

Doyle, Eugenie. According to Kit Front Street Books/Boyds Mills Press, 2009

Lang, Diane and Buchanan, Michael. The Fat Boy Chronic les. Sleeping Bear Press, 2009

Rottman, S.L. Out of the Blue. Peachtree Publishers,2009.

Zarr, Sara, Qnce Was Lost. Little, Brown and Company, 2009.

Eliiott. Patricia. The Pale AssassinHoliday House, 20OJ.

Flood, Nancy Bo. Warriors in the Crossfire. Front Street Books/Boyds Mills, 2009

Springer, Kristina. The Expressologist. Farrr, Straus and Giroux, 20O9.

Cheng, Andrea. Brushing Mom's Hair. Wordsong Poetry/Boyds Mills Press, 2009.

Social Studies - Grades K-6

Best Book

Falvey, David. Letters to a Soldier. Marshall Cavendish, 2009

Honor Books

Marr. Andrew. Who's in Charge?. Dorling Kindersley Publishers, 2010.

Smith, David.  If America Were a Village. Kids Can Press, 2009.

Deedy, Carmen. 14 Cows for America. Peachtree Publishers, 2009.

Fradin, Judith,  Hurricane Katrina.  Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

Lantier, Patricia. Harriet Tubman.  Crabtree, 2010.

Demi. Tutankhamun. Marshall Cavendish,  2009.

Shea, Pegi. Noah Webster: Weaver of Words. Calkins Creek Books/Boyds Mills, 2009.

Smith, Icy. Half Spoon of Rice: A Survival Story of the Cambodian Genocide. East West Discovery Press, 2010.

Brimner, Larry Dane. Birmingham Sunday. Boyds Mills Press, 20l0.

Social Studies - Grades 7-12

Best Book

Ruelle. Karen. Grand Mosque of Paris. Holidav House, 2009.

Honor Books

Adler. David.  Frederick Douglas. Holiday House. 2010.

Lindop, Edmund.  America in the 1930s. Twenry-First Century Books/Lerner Publishing Group, 2009.

Peterson, Cris. Birchhbark Brigade: A Fur Trade History. Calkins Creek Books/Boyds Mills Press, 2009.

Brimner, Larry Dane. Birmingham Sunday. Boyds Mills Press, 20l0.

Cowan Mary Morton. Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter Macmillian, Arctic Explorer. Calkins Creek Books/Boyds Mills Press, 2010

Curtis, Edward E., Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History-. Facts on File 2010.

Byers, Ann. Trapped -- Youth in the Nazi Ghettos: Primary Sources from the Holocaust. Enslow Publishers, 2010.

Alphin, Elaine Marie. An Unspeakable Crime: The Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank. Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing Group, 2010.

McNeese, Tim. World War II: 1939-1945 (Discovering U.S. History). Chelsea House Publications, 2010

Science - Grades K-6

Best Book

Stewart, Melissa. Under the Snow. Peachtree Publishers, 2009.

Honor Books

Silverman, Buffy. Do You Know About Mammals?. Lerner Publishing Group, 2010.

Marzollo, Jean. Pierre the Penguin: A True Story. Sleeping Bear Press, 2010.

Pallota, Jerry. Who Will Plant a Tree?.  Sleeping Bear Press, 2010.

Hewitt, Sally and Royston, Angela. My Body: A Fun Way to Find Out All the Facts About Your Body. Firefly Books, 2009

Kaner, Etta.  Have You Ever Seen a Stork Build a Log Cabin?. Kids Can Press, 2010.

Gibbons, Gail. Alligators and Crocodiles. Holiday House, 2010.

Lamstein, Sarah Marwil. Big Night for Salamanders. Boyds Mlls Press, 2010.

Glaser, Linda. Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story. Millbrook Press/Lerner Publishing Group, 2010.

Burke, Lisa.  Mini Scientist In the Kitchen. Dorling Kindersley Publishers/Penguin Books, 2010.

Science - Grades 7-12

Best Book

Gardner, Robert. Ace Your Ecology and Enviromental Science Proiect. Enslow Publishers, 2010.

Honor Books

Smdvold, Lynete. Genetics. Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

Cooiey, Denton. Immune System. Chelsea House, 2009

Walker, Pamela. Space and Astronomy Experirnents, Facts on File,2010.

Berkowitz, Jacob. Out of This World: The Amazing Search for m Alien Earth. Kids Can Press, 2009.

Tomecek, Stephen.  Sports (Experimenting with Everyday Science). Chelsea Home Publishers, 2010.

Croswell, Ken. The Lives of Stars. Boyds Mills Press, 2009.

DK Publishing. The Big Idea Science Book.  Dorling Kindersley Publishers/Penguin Books, 2010.

Silverstein, Alvin. Floods: The Science Behind Raging Waters. Kids Can Press, 2010.

Wittenstein, Vicki Oransky. Planet Hunter. Boyds Mills Press, 2010.